Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Summer's been crazy and I'm SOOOO behind on my blog posting
  • I still haven't blogged about Yosemite...mainly b/c I have hundreds of pictures to sort through first and haven't had the time
  • For whatever reason (the A-type personality, perhaps), I feel as though all my posts must be in chronological order and well thought out...which naturally keeps me from posting at all...ugggh!
  • I am SO unmotivated to work today...which is not reflective of my work load at all b/c I have TONS to do
  • Could it be because it's sunny and 85 degrees outside?
  • Or could it be because I must leave work early today and won't be at work tomorrow, so the work part of my brain has shut down for the week?
  • Jen & Brandon's rehearsal is tonight
  • Which means I have to drive from Beaverton to Sandy, OR in rush hour traffic...I feel slight road rage coming on just thinking about it...
  • I'm not sure I fit in my bridesmaid dress; last time I tried it on (over a month ago,) it was snug, and I've eaten more, not less than usual since then. I'm scared to try it on.
  • I wonder if anyone will notice that the fronts of my legs are much more tan than the back of them? I care, but not enough to go fakin-bakin or spray tanning.
  • Oh, and I'm super sore from the Sculpt class I took yesterday, which means I might be walking bow-legged at the wedding on Saturday.
  • Reading Nomer's and Lyg's blogs today made me laugh out loud and motivated me to blog this entry, EVEN THOUGH it's not my Yosemite post
  • I realized the other day when talking to a friend that there have been 3 Heler weddings in 8 months...that's CRAZY! I think the Heler wedding season will be over for a while after this one, though.
  • I should have worked out today, but instead had Thai food with a friend and for once, didn't finish my entire meal...very strange b/c it was yummy, but probably related to my doing more than my fair share of talking.
  • The bag of walnuts on my desk doesn't look very appealing. I'm trying to get my Omega-3's that way since I don't eat enough fish, but I'm getting burnt out on the walnuts. Too bad I have a Costco sized bag of them at home.
  • I'm excited to have Lyg & Deric stay with us this weekend, and even more excited to host the BBQ on Sunday!
  • And b/c I love her, here are some recent pics of my pups! :)

Zoe enjoying one of her favs from the yard: GRASS...she'll also eat twigs of any kind!

And what a fashion-ista! Do I have the cutest pups or what?! :)

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jgorger said...

Great post Tab! Have fun at the wedding this weekend!