Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Perfect Diet

The logical part of my brain KNOWS it doesn't exist, but still I continue my search for the ultimate diet shortcut, the perfect "magic pill," the easiest way to the healthy me. For that reason, I tend to be drawn to articles on topics related to food, nutrition, exercise, health, etc.; what I've discovered is that with the over-abundance of health related info and varying opinions out there, it's plain to see why the road to good nutrition can be confusing and easy to deviate from. Nonetheless, I continue searching, and of all the articles I've read recently, this one stood out:

The article mentions diets from around the world, all of which claim to be the "perfect diet," substantiated by the longevity of those who consume it which should one choose? Well, the overarching theme of the article is as follows:

"The only thing these diets have in common is that they're all based on whole foods with minimal processing. Nuts, berries, beans, raw milk, grass-fed meat. Whole, real, unprocessed food is almost always healthy, regardless of how many grams of carbs, protein or fat it contains. All these healthy diets have in common the fact that they are foods absent of bar codes."

I like the simplicity of the idea and article because ultimately, good nutrition isn't complex; it's just difficult to maintain in a culture where so much of what we eat and what's easily accessible is processed, refined, and has an ingredient list a mile long.
So while my goal is to eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible, as often as possible, I will undoubtedly always be tempted by some of my processed favorites:

Introduced to me by my middle school friend, Marcella Mendoza, in 6th grade, I can't get enough of these! The key is to NEVER open a bag b/c once I'm in, it's all over.

Who DOESN'T love Oreo's?? Not the double-stuft or weird flavored Oreo's; just the basic cookie goodness.

Grew up on these and haven't been able to shake them; I've also been known to hide them and eat them out of the confines of my car, although it's been a while...One of the best b-day presents I ever received from a friend was a Swiss Roll cake; she certainly knew the way to my heart! :)


Naomi said...

MMmmmm swiss cake rolls!! Definately haven't had those in a long time. And Oreos.....I can only eat with milk, there is no other way.

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