Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette Finale... tonight, which means I will be glued to the box on the wall from 8-10pm! I've been addicted to this season of 'The Bachelorette,' and while it's been a fun ride, I will be more than relieved when it's over. I'm ready to not 'HAVE' to watch a show; also, once it's over, Reid and I have committed to turning off the TV and being more productive with our time. Whether that means cooking more meals together, going for walks, reading, etc. is yet to be determined, but what we aim to do is SLOOOOOW our summer down a bit, and we've realized that watching TV or movies in the evenings after work is counter-productive to that goal.

All that being said and good intentions aside, I am also fully committed to enjoying my last smutty (and somewhat slutty) episode of Jillian's journey and search for her husband. Without a doubt, there will be drama galore, especially if the teaser commercials are to be believed, but in the end, she better make the right decision and pick Ed! Not sure why I feel so strongly about it except that between he and Kiptyn, he is BY FAR more into Jillian, down to earth and has just a tad wee bit of the nerd factor that I love! Kiptyn doesn't seem nearly as into her as she is into him, and in my opinion has always come off a bit snooty, which is a huge turn-off in my book.

We shall see what happens...

The remaining bachelors:

Ed--the right choice

Kiptyn--guy with weird name

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jgorger said...

you must be so pleased with her choice!!