Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette Finale... tonight, which means I will be glued to the box on the wall from 8-10pm! I've been addicted to this season of 'The Bachelorette,' and while it's been a fun ride, I will be more than relieved when it's over. I'm ready to not 'HAVE' to watch a show; also, once it's over, Reid and I have committed to turning off the TV and being more productive with our time. Whether that means cooking more meals together, going for walks, reading, etc. is yet to be determined, but what we aim to do is SLOOOOOW our summer down a bit, and we've realized that watching TV or movies in the evenings after work is counter-productive to that goal.

All that being said and good intentions aside, I am also fully committed to enjoying my last smutty (and somewhat slutty) episode of Jillian's journey and search for her husband. Without a doubt, there will be drama galore, especially if the teaser commercials are to be believed, but in the end, she better make the right decision and pick Ed! Not sure why I feel so strongly about it except that between he and Kiptyn, he is BY FAR more into Jillian, down to earth and has just a tad wee bit of the nerd factor that I love! Kiptyn doesn't seem nearly as into her as she is into him, and in my opinion has always come off a bit snooty, which is a huge turn-off in my book.

We shall see what happens...

The remaining bachelors:

Ed--the right choice

Kiptyn--guy with weird name

Sunday, July 26, 2009

J&B Wedding pics-complete

Whew! They're done and can be found at:

There is much I could say to tell the story of Jen & Brandon's wedding day, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves; they'll probably tell a better and more accurate story than I ever could.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Iron Suggestions Needed

I am in dire need of a new iron (yes, to iron clothes with.) The Rowenta we received as a wedding present 6 years ago has reached its last legs and I no longer have patience for the arbitrary leaking that takes place.

Anyone have an iron they LOVE? Or HATE? Let me know about it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Perfect Diet

The logical part of my brain KNOWS it doesn't exist, but still I continue my search for the ultimate diet shortcut, the perfect "magic pill," the easiest way to the healthy me. For that reason, I tend to be drawn to articles on topics related to food, nutrition, exercise, health, etc.; what I've discovered is that with the over-abundance of health related info and varying opinions out there, it's plain to see why the road to good nutrition can be confusing and easy to deviate from. Nonetheless, I continue searching, and of all the articles I've read recently, this one stood out:

The article mentions diets from around the world, all of which claim to be the "perfect diet," substantiated by the longevity of those who consume it which should one choose? Well, the overarching theme of the article is as follows:

"The only thing these diets have in common is that they're all based on whole foods with minimal processing. Nuts, berries, beans, raw milk, grass-fed meat. Whole, real, unprocessed food is almost always healthy, regardless of how many grams of carbs, protein or fat it contains. All these healthy diets have in common the fact that they are foods absent of bar codes."

I like the simplicity of the idea and article because ultimately, good nutrition isn't complex; it's just difficult to maintain in a culture where so much of what we eat and what's easily accessible is processed, refined, and has an ingredient list a mile long.
So while my goal is to eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible, as often as possible, I will undoubtedly always be tempted by some of my processed favorites:

Introduced to me by my middle school friend, Marcella Mendoza, in 6th grade, I can't get enough of these! The key is to NEVER open a bag b/c once I'm in, it's all over.

Who DOESN'T love Oreo's?? Not the double-stuft or weird flavored Oreo's; just the basic cookie goodness.

Grew up on these and haven't been able to shake them; I've also been known to hide them and eat them out of the confines of my car, although it's been a while...One of the best b-day presents I ever received from a friend was a Swiss Roll cake; she certainly knew the way to my heart! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back-on-track Monday

Summers just aren’t conducive for routine; at least that’s what I’m discovering this summer, but I’m determined to get back on track beginning today!

I write this in the wake of a crazy, wedding weekend, from which I feel I need a few days to recover, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury, so I’m jumping right into my week and have resolved to get a few things in order:
  • FOOD - as if food isn’t already tempting enough and difficult to stay disciplined around, combine Romo food with a big family event (wedding, as it were this past weekend) and any shred of discipline I may have had completely disappeared. I ate more in the past 3 days than in the last couple of weeks, it wasn’t even remotely healthy, and most of the time, I wasn’t eating because I was hungry; I was eating because food was ALL AROUND ME and everyone else was eating…my poor stomach has been in shock the last few days, not knowing to make of everything I’ve been sending its way!
  • EXERCISE – how do people have time to work out consistently in the summer?? Not that I’ve ever had a solid work-out routine to begin with, but any spare moment this summer has been spent trying to catch a breath, so any headway I made in the winter when I had a decent routine going, I’ve wiped out with the combination of poor eating habits and almost non-existent gym time. I am determined to go to Sculpt today, get my butt whooped and shock my body back in shape.
  • EVERYTHING ELSE – laundry piles await, garage full of stuff waiting to be posted on Craigslist, car packed full of clothes waiting to be donated, catching up with friends, wedding pics to sort thru and post…it’s a mile-long list, but I’m determined to begin putting a dent in it this week. And since The Bachelorette finale isn’t until NEXT Monday evening, I may even be successful.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Right now, I'd SO MUCH rather be...

On a beach-ANYWHERE

Eating this

Laying in one of these doing this
Playing with Kadence

Exploring the coastal towns of Cinque Terre


At Happy Hour

Planning a trip here with Monica
Really, it's an endless list...

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Summer's been crazy and I'm SOOOO behind on my blog posting
  • I still haven't blogged about Yosemite...mainly b/c I have hundreds of pictures to sort through first and haven't had the time
  • For whatever reason (the A-type personality, perhaps), I feel as though all my posts must be in chronological order and well thought out...which naturally keeps me from posting at all...ugggh!
  • I am SO unmotivated to work today...which is not reflective of my work load at all b/c I have TONS to do
  • Could it be because it's sunny and 85 degrees outside?
  • Or could it be because I must leave work early today and won't be at work tomorrow, so the work part of my brain has shut down for the week?
  • Jen & Brandon's rehearsal is tonight
  • Which means I have to drive from Beaverton to Sandy, OR in rush hour traffic...I feel slight road rage coming on just thinking about it...
  • I'm not sure I fit in my bridesmaid dress; last time I tried it on (over a month ago,) it was snug, and I've eaten more, not less than usual since then. I'm scared to try it on.
  • I wonder if anyone will notice that the fronts of my legs are much more tan than the back of them? I care, but not enough to go fakin-bakin or spray tanning.
  • Oh, and I'm super sore from the Sculpt class I took yesterday, which means I might be walking bow-legged at the wedding on Saturday.
  • Reading Nomer's and Lyg's blogs today made me laugh out loud and motivated me to blog this entry, EVEN THOUGH it's not my Yosemite post
  • I realized the other day when talking to a friend that there have been 3 Heler weddings in 8 months...that's CRAZY! I think the Heler wedding season will be over for a while after this one, though.
  • I should have worked out today, but instead had Thai food with a friend and for once, didn't finish my entire meal...very strange b/c it was yummy, but probably related to my doing more than my fair share of talking.
  • The bag of walnuts on my desk doesn't look very appealing. I'm trying to get my Omega-3's that way since I don't eat enough fish, but I'm getting burnt out on the walnuts. Too bad I have a Costco sized bag of them at home.
  • I'm excited to have Lyg & Deric stay with us this weekend, and even more excited to host the BBQ on Sunday!
  • And b/c I love her, here are some recent pics of my pups! :)

Zoe enjoying one of her favs from the yard: GRASS...she'll also eat twigs of any kind!

And what a fashion-ista! Do I have the cutest pups or what?! :)