Friday, May 1, 2009

Words you don’t want to hear from your hair stylist:

“I don’t think I can fix that.” And yet, those were the exact words spoken to me yesterday, much to my immense disappointment!

The story goes: back in January, I took the strong recommendation of a co-worker (who has gorgeous and impeccably effortless hair) and went to her hair stylist for a cut. I was full of hope that I had finally found a hair stylist to call my own, that she would work miracles on my head of hair and I would be a faithful customer to the end (btw, my search for a good hair stylist has gone on for so, so long and has been so wrought with many disappointments…but I digress.)

Well, the recommended hair stylist must have been having an “off” day b/c what I got almost had me in tears; way too many layers, layers way too short, and ultimately a “helmet-head” look. Short of cutting 5 or 6 inches off the bottom of my hair, my only choice was to grow it out. Well, HAIR GROWS VERY SLOWLY, but I had been *patiently* waiting and growing it out for 4 long months, and finally went in yesterday (to a different, and equally highly recommended hair stylist) to have my hair “fixed.” Well, a “miracle fix” I did not get, but she trimmed up the bottom and the layers just enough and actually recommended not cutting too much off. Plus, she’s from Paris, complete with a French accent, and speaks about hair with authority, so she must know what she’s talking about right? Oh, and she spent over ½ an hour styling my hair, so I left the salon feeling very VA-VA-VOOM and wishing I had someplace to go and show it off! Well, Reid and Zoe liked it, anyway. :) And time will tell, but I may have found MY KEEPER STYLIST; with my hair luck, though, she’ll move back to France before my next hair appointment!


figuring it out said...

I was going to go get a trim today but I think you might have changed my mind. I have my regular stylist (love her) but she has gotten pricey the last year. $55 for a haircut so I was going to try a cheap place bc who can mess up a trim off the bottom and the bangs- right?

TabI said...

oooh, famous last words! :)