Friday, May 1, 2009

a new blogger in the family

So I was checking emails at work this morning and discovered that Lyg (sister #2) started a blog!! I AM SO EXCITED that she has joined the world of blogging--of course, I'd like to take a bit of credit for inspiring her decision. :) Here's a link to her blog for all of you who know her (or don't but enjoy being entertained): And yes, her blog is VERY appropriately named; she is the queen of ORANGE and we, her siblings, could share stories for hours about what we thought would be a phase of her teenage years, but as you can see, we were very wrong! Let's just say, there was a lot of ORANGE in her wedding (very tastefully done, but still ORANGE) and she's still obsessed enough with it to build a blog around it. Can't wait to read more, Lyg!

Oh, lest you think I'm exaggerating the extent of ORANGE in her wedding, see the below closed! :)

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