Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man, I Feel Old!

One of my long-weekend projects (that I completed successfully, by the way) was to sort thru closets (yes, plural) full of old clothes and figure out the best way to dispose of them. You see, I'm somewhat of a pack rat (a neat one, but still), and just can't bear to get rid of clothes that I've spent hard-earned money on. I justify holding on to them by convincing myself I'll wear "it" this year for sure, even though I haven't even looked at "it" much less worn "it" in over 5 years.

But this time it was different, so, full of resolve and energy, I attacked the closets with a vengeance and the end result was seven, yes, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7 bags full of clothes. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot, and I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I have that many clothes I don't wear, but remember, they've been accumulated over a very long period of time AND I rarely buy anything full price--sales and clearance racks are my friends!

I promptly loaded all 7 bags into my car, and my grand plan was to take them to this cute "recycling retail store" I discovered last week (, where they buy (and sell) used clothing. I left work early yesterday, excited to rid myself of all those clothes and make some extra cash in the process.

I should have known when I walked in and was greeted by 3 YOUNG girls who look like they spend A LOT of time in stores like Forever 21 that my hopes would be dashed, but I blissfully wandered around the store (I was not allowed to leave) while they rummaged thru my bags and assessed the worthiness of my clothes. It took them 45 minutes to come up with the verdict, and I almost passed out when one of the tweens showed me the tiny pile they had chosen. Out of 7 bags, they chose1 pair of shoes, 2 shirts and one pair of jeans. THAT'S IT!! And the reason stuff was "too mature" for their store. Hah! I didn't know whether to be insulted or not...I suppose it's not necessarily a bad thing that I don't dress like a teeny-bopper, but it was still difficult not to be slightly offended! I had great quality items and brand names in my 7 bags, darn it, and they rejected them! ...sniff, sniff...

Of course, the most embarrassing thing was pulling my car back up to the front curb of the store and proceeding to load all 7 bags of clothes BACK INTO my car, while one of the tweens insisted on helping carry them out of the store as if they were the plague. Yes, my pride was a tiny bit bruised, but I'm over it. Really, the worse part was only having $23 to show for all my effort! So now I have a car full of old clothes, which I suppose I could just give to the Salvation Army, but maybe just maybe I can try to sell them on EBay...any other suggestions?


Naomi said...

As an ebay shopper and seller (though I've only sold a few things), you probably won't have too much luck selling the stuff on ebay unless it's namebrand or really fantastic. There is just too much stuff already on ebay. With Salvation Army, you can at least estimate the costs of the clothing (they have a nifty helper on their website) and write it off on your taxes. I have done that before. They give you a receipt and all. Not sure how Goodwill works.

Kami said...

Goodwill is the same as Salvation Army with the tax receipt. I do it all the time - it's so liberating to just drop a bunch of stuff off and go back to a house that is more organized!

jgorger said...

You made me laugh so hard with this post! You are are your clothes too mature? Ha! We do Goodwill too...its quick easy and wonderful come tax time!