Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching up - PART 1 (Chicago)

It's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm a little in shock that the month of May is almost elapsed! Of course, the busier we are, the faster time seems to fly, so it's no surprise that it's almost June, but I always seem to have this perpetual need to make time SLOOOOOOW down so I can gather my thoughts and just live life instead of "catch up." Nonetheless, keeping this blog going is, I suppose, my way of doing just that; documenting those moments and memories that would otherwise be forgotten in the chaotic frenzy of day-to-day life.

SOOOO, although it's been a couple of weeks, here are some non-wedding Chicago pictures. Being in Chicago always carries an element of nostalgia; it's the city I grew up in and have many childhood memories, but being in Chicago as an adult is very different than the Chicago I remember as a child; for one, we moved from Chicago before I was of driving age, so my experiences were limited to those my parents deemed worthy rather than those I was able to get to on my own. Reid and I were able to do quite a bit of sightseeing (on foot!) the Sun and Mon after the wedding, and I've posted those pics here:

For me, the highlight was Millennium Park, and especially, the Cloud Gate sculpture (aka, "The Bean.") It measures 66 ft long by 33 ft tall, weighs 110 tons and reflects Chicago's skyline. It was much more impressive in person than I'd seen in pictures b/c the true size and scale are near to impossible to photograph. It also brought out the child in us as we tried to capture our reflections from many different perspectives; it was FUN! :)

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Naomi said...

I love the pics. It looks like the weather held up for you guys. Yay! FYI - that red huge sculpture pic you took, I work right across the street from it. I love this city. Visit more often.