Thursday, April 16, 2009


  • Is my Friday, and for that I am ECSTATIC!

  • I will battle with staying focused and productive while desiring to be elsewhere

  • Maybe, just maybe I'll make it to the gym and burn off a small fraction of the donut I just consumed after "swearing off" sugar in obvious forms...ooh, must make sure the Nano is charged up; I CANNOT face the treadmill without's torture!

  • Realizing I could spend all day reading blogs and still wouldn't be caught up or satisfied; it's addictive

  • Wondering why Anoop or Lil Rounds weren't kicked off American Idol last night

  • Excited that while it's FREEZING this morning, the sun is out and I have faith that it will warm up

  • Happy that Zoe seems to be doing much better...but still not well enough to come with us this weekend

  • Wondering how to embed a YouTube video into a blog posting

  • Must start working...

  • CIAO

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