Friday, April 3, 2009

A Seed Has Been Planted…

My wheels are turning; I can’t stop thinking about a conversation I had earlier this week with Monica, friend, cousin, and fellow member of the “I can’t believe I’m turning 30 this year!!” club. In fact we share the same birthday month-September-which is a mere five months away. Yikes!! I have such mixed feelings about turning 30, but that’s another topic for another day. :)

The part of our conversation that has me excited was her idea of taking a trip together to commemorate our 30th birthdays; after all, we only turn 30 once, and we both feel it’s a significant milestone. Normally, I’M the daydreamer when it comes to travel related matter, and I LOVE the planning aspect of it. This will be no exception of course, so if you notice me staring off into space with a glassy-eyed look, know that I’m ok; it’s just that in my head I’m probably sitting on a beach somewhere, or exploring a new city, or taking in the sights of New England…the possibilities are endless!
More on this to come I’m sure! :)


jgorger said...

Where are you thinking of going?

TabI said...

not sure yet...still have lots of thinking and planning to do around it, but it's fun to have the anticipation of a trip! :)