Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HOORAY for short weeks!

Short WORK weeks that is! The anticipation of a long weekend definitely overshadows having to cram 5 days worth of work into 4. :) What I'm anticipating for this weekend:

  • Warm weather...dare I hope the weather forecasters are correct and we will be blessed with a sunny AND warm weekend??
  • 3 days on Bainbridge Island (in the Puget Sound) with Reid's fam, celebrating Jerry's 70th b-day
  • Walks on the beach
  • Taking the ferry to Seattle, where the guys look forward to multiple Mariners games and the ladies are looking forward to shopping and exploring; are 3 baseball games in a 3 day period really necessary?? :)
  • RELAXING...sleeping in, reading and plenty of good eats are sure to be on the agenda!

And since pictures are so fun, here's a few more from Lyg's visit a couple of weekends ago:

Sweet, lovely Madyson
Jen and the girls
Candid sisterly love
Precious Kadence
Hopscotch isn't any less fun as an adult!

Visiting Vancouver Farmer's Mkt


jgorger said...

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Love the should think about photography as a side job or new career! Love the music on the site too...Aidan always asks me to play "pocket full of sunshine"...and then dances around and sings it while it plays. Love it!!

TabI said...

Oh, one of these days I will get more serious about's truly a passion of mine; almost nothing makes me happier! :) I just need to get a MUCH better camera and learn some serious technique and I'll be on my way...

I'm so happy that Aidan loves that song; it suits his personality perfectly and I can just imagine him dancing around! I'll always think of him when I hear it now. :)