Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to the Windy City

Only 8 more days till we're Chicago bound!

Hard to believe Naomi's and Florin's wedding is almost here; it seems like just yesterday me and Monica were getting to know (grilling) Florin around her kitchen table, with 'big sister' questions like, "So Florin, what is it about Naomi that set her apart from other girls in your eyes?" and "How important is it to you that Naomi prepare homemade meals, b/c to be honest, her cooking abilities..." J/K, Nomers! :) Happy to report that he passed with flying colors, and in 9 days I will have yet another sister married off...CRAZY!
Here's to a weekend of lovebirds, reconnecting with extended family and hopefully some time to explore the city I grew up in.


jgorger said...

Great photo! Did you take this shot? Have a great trip! Hope it all goes well and you have a great time with your family!

Naomi said...

Ha ha, a picture of 'the bean.' It's actually called "Cloud Gate" but no one here calls it that, except artsy pple who care. I have seen amazing shots of it at night with the city lights reflecting off of it. Also the city just renovated the Buckingham Fountain. It looks fantastic too and it's just walking distance from the above bean. I can't wait to see everyone! Yay!

TabI said...

i wish i could take credit for the picture, but it's actually compliments of an image search on Google...:) however, I promise to have MANY chicago pics after next weekend!