Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Should Have Been My First Post

So caught up was I in the moment with the grown man with the orange PDA with thumbs a-moving furiously that I neglected to write and post the "here is my first posting on my new blog" posting.

Sooo, this is the official start of my blog, something I've wanted to do (and have been highly encouraged by other bloggers (such as Monica,)) but have always put off due to the ever prevalent "I don't have the time" excuse. Well, I still don't have the time, but there's something about keeping an online journal of sorts that entices me. Plus, now that I've greatly reduced my Facebook time (the novelty wore off fairly quickly), I can do this instead, right?

Just to make it clear from the get-go, my postings will most likely consist of my random thoughts at any given moment, not necessarily well thought out or particularly "deep" ideas or topics. Nor will it consist of very personal information b/c that's just not me; those who know me well know I tend to be on the private side, another reason it took me so long to get this blog started. So, it will mainly serve as an avenue for me to unload and somewhat organize the randomness that's often in my head; in that case, the rest of you may not find it terribly interesting, but to be honest, that's not really the point of this least not in it's current state.

Wow, this is a long "official" first posting!


jgorger said...

Welcome to blogging!!! So nice to see you here and I look forward to reading your random and fun thoughts. Yay!!

TabI said...

I know, I'm excited! And you were definitely instrumental in my starting a blog...not that I have any Aidan's to blog about, though! :)

Bobi said...

hey babe, I've enjoyed reading your first two entries... looking forward to more. I'm so glad you crack yourself up, because I do that too, a lot. :p Hey it keeps life very interesting. love you much friend...xoxo

figuring it out said...

The thing I like about blogs is that they are someone's thoughts and feelings or ideas and we make no excuses for them ... or at least we don't have to! I do like that as I read your blog, I feel a little closer to you. I love hearing what's in your head! I think it will Keep me going on mine, too. Love ya!