Thursday, March 26, 2009

I crack myself up

At work...was just walking down the hallway, heading back to my desk and almost ran into a full grown man who was walking down the same hallway towards me and was texting on his PDA which was about 2 inches away from his face. Oh, and it was a bright orange PDA.

Something about him and how engrossed he was in his texting moment combined with the fact that he's a grown man on a bright orange PDA and almost ran into me; well, it made me crack up as I walked by him. Or another possible explanation; I occasionally crack myself up, especially as I'm nearing the end of my work day and am feeling particularly loopy. Today is one of those days...must go home soon; my own sanity requires it!


figuring it out said...

We recently just had a work meeting and were told, "please do not use your blackberry or text while you are walking"! Looks like it's an epidemic :)

TabI said...

Oh, that is funny! I can see why in a hospital, especially, that is very wise counsel! :)