Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A great lunch

Had the pleasure of meeting my good friend Steph and her sweet baby girl, Reagan, for lunch at Thai Lily today. Much more than I've missed the best Thai place in Beaverton, I've missed the frequent lunches and coffee breaks with Steph since she went on maternity leave in mid-December, so I absolutely treasure the times we can meet up, even if for lunch hour increments! Is it selfish of me to admit that I CANNOT wait for her to come back to work on April 20th??

Of my closest friends, I've known Steph the shortest amount of time, yet I feel as though we are soul sisters, like I've known her since before childhood. Rarely have I bonded so quickly with someone and I feel incredibly honored to call her FRIEND. Here's to a wonderful woman and amazing friend; I'm blessed to have you in my life!

And check out Reagan's un-tameable hair; don't you love it?! Oh, and speaking of hair, Steph was sporting a new hair cut which I also love. :)

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