Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best Movie I've Seen in a LONG Time

Watched a movie on Sunday night that touched me more deeply than any movie I can remember: "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." It's the story of the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of an 8-year old German boy, but no synopsis can do the movie justice. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself...just have a tissue box nearby; you will cry.

A great lunch

Had the pleasure of meeting my good friend Steph and her sweet baby girl, Reagan, for lunch at Thai Lily today. Much more than I've missed the best Thai place in Beaverton, I've missed the frequent lunches and coffee breaks with Steph since she went on maternity leave in mid-December, so I absolutely treasure the times we can meet up, even if for lunch hour increments! Is it selfish of me to admit that I CANNOT wait for her to come back to work on April 20th??

Of my closest friends, I've known Steph the shortest amount of time, yet I feel as though we are soul sisters, like I've known her since before childhood. Rarely have I bonded so quickly with someone and I feel incredibly honored to call her FRIEND. Here's to a wonderful woman and amazing friend; I'm blessed to have you in my life!

And check out Reagan's un-tameable hair; don't you love it?! Oh, and speaking of hair, Steph was sporting a new hair cut which I also love. :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby News

No, not my own! :)

Found out 2 bits of baby news yesterday.

First, an old friend had her baby on Saturday; a boy after two girls. I look forward to meeting little Nathan this week!

Second, per a call received yesterday afternoon from Phoenix, was told by my brother that he and his new wife are pregnant. Wow. It's hard to wrap my mind around that fact that my baby brother is going to be a dad.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Massage, Chowder and Persuasion

...almost adequately describe my weekend.

I was fortunate enough to begin my Saturday with a massage, thanks to a Christmas gift I finally cashed in; it was worth every penny I didn't pay for it, and much, much needed and appreciated! :) I was informed that the left side of my upper back and shoulder feel very different than the right side; apparently I store the majority of my stress on the left side...go figure!

Because Reid was on a guys-only 'adventure' most of Saturday, my domestic side came to the surface and I was inspired to try a new recipe. What better than chowder on a cold, rainy day? I even found a "healthy" chowder recipe on Health.com. A quick trip to Freddy's and I was ready to create my Corn Chowder with Crab and Cilantro. It wasn't the cheapest recipe I've tried thanks to the crab, but it was yummy indeed and the perfect accompaniment to a day indoors with my Zoe. Unfortunately, found out Reid isn't crazy about crab meat, so guess who'll be eating Corn Chowder for lunch each day this week?

The rain was absent for the most part on Sunday, which put me in a happy and energetic mood, which tends to happen when the sun shines. After church this morning, I attacked my lengthy to-do list with vengeance and am happy to report that most items were crossed off; somehow, "fold laundry" is still left. However, the best part of my day wasn't crossing items off my to do list; instead, the sun was out for hours and I took full advantage; curled up in a folding chair in the backyard, faced the sun, and made it through a couple more chapters of Jane Austen's "Persuasion." This book is the slowest reading I've done in a while, simply b/c the older English the book is written in doesn't lend itself to the speed at which I often breeze through books. However, I'm finding that b/c I'm being forced to read slower, I'm able to connect with the story and characters on a much deeper level.

All in all, a very successful weekend; the perfect mix of work and R&R...now if I could just muster up some motivation to fold a mountain of laundry! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIF (and other small blessings)

  • It's Friday and that makes me joyous!

  • A raisin bagel with honey butter for breakfast...need I say more?

  • Except that it went down really well with a steaming cup of coffee in my favorite mug

  • A week of extremely light traffic due to OR's Spring Break (anything that helps my commute is indeed a blessing!)

  • Finding a great parking spot this morning

  • Oh, and looking forward to a 2nd week of light traffic; next week is WA's Spring Break

  • Not having to clean the kitchen when I get home today...b/c Reid took care of that yesterday!

  • Listening to iTunes while I work (how I've missed my David Gray)

  • Happy to read the comments left on my first 2 entries :)

  • Going home to her later:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Should Have Been My First Post

So caught up was I in the moment with the grown man with the orange PDA with thumbs a-moving furiously that I neglected to write and post the "here is my first posting on my new blog" posting.

Sooo, this is the official start of my blog, something I've wanted to do (and have been highly encouraged by other bloggers (such as Monica,)) but have always put off due to the ever prevalent "I don't have the time" excuse. Well, I still don't have the time, but there's something about keeping an online journal of sorts that entices me. Plus, now that I've greatly reduced my Facebook time (the novelty wore off fairly quickly), I can do this instead, right?

Just to make it clear from the get-go, my postings will most likely consist of my random thoughts at any given moment, not necessarily well thought out or particularly "deep" ideas or topics. Nor will it consist of very personal information b/c that's just not me; those who know me well know I tend to be on the private side, another reason it took me so long to get this blog started. So, it will mainly serve as an avenue for me to unload and somewhat organize the randomness that's often in my head; in that case, the rest of you may not find it terribly interesting, but to be honest, that's not really the point of this blog...at least not in it's current state.

Wow, this is a long "official" first posting!

I crack myself up

At work...was just walking down the hallway, heading back to my desk and almost ran into a full grown man who was walking down the same hallway towards me and was texting on his PDA which was about 2 inches away from his face. Oh, and it was a bright orange PDA.

Something about him and how engrossed he was in his texting moment combined with the fact that he's a grown man on a bright orange PDA and almost ran into me; well, it made me crack up as I walked by him. Or another possible explanation; I occasionally crack myself up, especially as I'm nearing the end of my work day and am feeling particularly loopy. Today is one of those days...must go home soon; my own sanity requires it!